Palm Garden: Inklings - Vote #1

Published by Caitlin Burns
October 20, 2023
Palm Garden: Inklings - Vote #1
Palm Garden: Inklings - Vote #1

-: ✧▸ VOTE #1: SHOULD PALM GARDEN MISSIONS BE PUBLIC? ◂✧:-  Collectors have explored the world of Inklings, their expanding universe, and what the future holds for these lil blobs. 

Now we're asking you, the collectors of Palm Garden: Inklings, if you'd like to make the Palm Garden Missions available publicly to help others understand the collection, play along, and be inspired to create.

Now, it's the first opportunity for Inklings to vote on the future of their world. All Inklings holders will receive an email at the address associated with their Palm Garden account today - please cast your vote in the next 10 days.



Part of our goals for Palm Garden: Inklings is to teach the techniques we’ve learned for creating collection based experiences and why they’re fun and compelling. Each newly emerged Inkling has had the chance to explore 4 weeks of missions that showcased different elements of creating generative, co-creative and exciting experiences built on digital collectible business models.  

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We wrote about the content of each Mission on our blog: 

Took Inklings on a quest to help them learn the basic tools they need for co-creation and how to share. 

Today we’re asking if you, the collectors of Palm Garden: Inklings want us to make these Missions available publicly to help others understand this collection, play along, and be inspired to create. 


At different times, the world itself needs to change, and Inklings will be called all at once to vote on major ideas or projects that would impact everyone in Palm Garden.


-: ✧ Inklings have 10 days to vote, this vote closes on 30 OCT 2023 at 11:59 PM PT.

-: ✧ 1 submission per Palm Garden Account

-: ✧ 1 Inkling = 1 vote

-: ✧ If you submit more than once, we accept the most recent submission

-: ✧ You have 10 days to submit your vote and discuss in The Alphanian Forum on Discord 

-: ✧ Results will be announced once all votes are collected and verified. 


What does it mean to create a world where everyone can thrive?

The world of Palm Garden needs the Inklings to understand itself. 

While each Inklings’ actions and creations are part of Palm Garden, each Inkling has the ability to affect the entire world and all the other Inklings. -: ✧

༄ؘ They can contribute to the Primordial Soup Kitchen - and share their creations

◃◃They can identify issues or problems they discover while exploring the world

-: ✧They can submit a proposal for a potential vote

☾☽ They can vote on ideas that may change the fabric of the world.

If you have any technical questions, please use this form.

All Palm Garden experiences are subject to our Terms and Conditions.