Palm Garden Mission 2: Unexplored Iterritories

Published by Caitlin Burns
July 25, 2023
Palm Garden Mission 2: Unexplored Iterritories
Palm Garden Mission 2: Unexplored Iterritories

Can you step beyond your niche? ൦◯൦ᅌ ∘ ◦ ൦◯൦ᅌ ∘ ◦ 

◦∘ᅌ൦◯൦ᅌ ∘ ◦ ൦◯൦ᅌ ∘ ◦ 

Each Palm Garden: Inklings holder has received an email with access to their second challenge in Palm Garden to answer the call to adventure to unlock undiscovered lands in Palm Garden. 

◦∘ᅌ൦◯൦ᅌ ∘ ◦ ൦◯൦ᅌ ∘ ◦ 

You may understand your Inkling and their Niche… but you’ll need to uncover more of their secrets to unlock the wider world of Palm Garden. 

In this mission you will learn more about the lands beyond your niche, what your Inkling’s unique perspective means and work with others to unlock clues that help you learn more about this world. 

Our story so far… ・゜゜・.

A new world was born from chaos – Palm Garden. 

To steward the development of this world, Inklings emerged. •*˚

The first mission in each Inkling’s journey was to understand their innate attributes and skills: their homes and their stars .。*゚+.*.。


The second mission in each Inkling’s journey invites holders to adventure. 

  • Look deeper at their Inklings traits and description and understand their unique perspective on the world. 

  • Explore the Palm Garden communities and find a team

  • Solve your first puzzles to unlock the Unexplored Iterritories of Palm Garden.

In the second mission… which Inkling holders  can start now… Inklings unlock the uncharted lands and find others to share their quests ・゚゚・。∘ ゚ 

These Iterritories - [Iteration] + [Territory] - are the beginning of the emerging world that Inklings can create. Inspired by the dreams and favorite places of Palm Garden’s creators - they are launchpads for the imagination of the community and will grow and change based on how the community chooses to explore them and the ideas they share with the community. 

Each Palm Garden: Inklings holder has received an email with access to their second challenge in Palm Garden to answer the call to adventure and unlock new lands in Palm Garden. 

◦∘ᅌ൦◯൦ᅌ ∘ ◦ ൦◯൦ᅌ ∘ ◦ 


These missions allow users to dive into an original storyworld while also providing insights into the different elements of a collectible-driven experience. 

Palm Garden missions guide holders through a variety of Web3 concepts. Ranging from concepts like the mint and reveal process and how collectors create communities, share their own creations based on their collectibles’ licenses, and even participate in the development and direction of this shared storyworld and production. 



While Mission 1 took users inside the visible traits of their Inklings that they can see on their details pages. But those traits aren’t the only ones that each Inkling contains. Some of these traits are hidden - while they’re always visible in the blockchain metadata of a collectible (if you check yours, no spoilers, please). This metadata is the DNA of your collectible, and includes a smart contract and links to the that govern each collection’s experience and features. Each Inkling also has clues and secrets that are part of current and future experiences - all based on their traits and ideas hidden in the written description on their details page.


One exciting element of token-based collectibles - like Palm Garden: Inklings - is that their metadata lets them become keys for all sorts of potential customizations. Based on what collectibles are in your collection you might unlock access to exclusive content, have an experience customized to your collectible, or have a special role to play in a specific storyline. Based on your Inkling’s traits, different clues are hidden in your collectibles’ details that grant you access to different parts of your mission. This begins in this mission with a simple puzzle, but may be part of a more complex and unique experience as you explore the world in the future. 


The most important collaborator on any project is the audience. Collectors who hold a Palm Garden: Inkling are not only guiding their Inkling characters through adventures inside the story of Palm Garden, but are joining a group of people doing the same thing. The opportunity to connect, collaborate and be inspired by one another is not just fun - but it’s the catalyst that will drive the development of Palm Garden over time. As community members share their creations and ideas - hopefully inspired by the unexplored places they unlock in Mission 2 - Palm Garden listens and is affected by their dreams. 

◦∘ᅌ൦◯൦ᅌ ∘ ◦ ൦◯൦ᅌ ∘ ◦ 

To learn more about the world of Palm Garden and the Inklings, join the community on Discord, or learn more here.