Web3 experiences that matter.

Palm NFT Studio has built some of the largest, most engaged communities in web3, on the green Palm network. Our projects span art, entertainment, music and more: pointing to a world where creative futures are shared, and shaped in common.

DC Comics
The Bat Cowl Collection
A generative 3D and AR art collection spanning billions of permutations and unprecedented collector features including the first NFT Snap Lens, exclusive fan events and content, and the chance to help shape the first DC NFT comic book, Batman: The Legacy Cowl.
DC Comics
The Harley Quinn Freakin’ Awesome Boxes of Mayhem Collection
To mark her 30th anniversary, Harley Quinn distributed 30,000 collectibles, inviting fans to her celebration / crime spree. In October 2022, Harley raided the DC Comic Archives, taking with her a copy of Harley Quinn #1. The comic was airdropped to holders as a fully readable NFT comic.
Damien Hirst’s The Currency
Damien Hirst has broken almost every rule in the art world. The Currency offered 10,000 collectors a choice between physical painting or NFT: keeping one meant burning the other. 4,851 paintings were destroyed in an exhibition covered globally, with their owners choosing to keep the NFT.