Cultivating new worlds in web3

Over the past decade, we’ve experienced a radical shift in the way we tell stories. Web2 gave rise to social media. No-code tools removed the barriers to entry. New modes of expression became mainstreamed and memed. As new networks proliferated, fanbases became dispersed and fragmented. The key challenge has been to reach them across third party platforms. As brands fought to beat the algorithms, social media became just another broadcast channel.

The emergence of web3 moves us away from using social media for reach and breadth; creating a new world where communities can connect directly with, and have a stake in, the stories they love. The blockchain has emerged as the true social medium.

Palm NFT Studio empowers artists, brands and fans to build deep communities on chain. Our practice runs the full spectrum of web3 creative and technological production. We are developers, generative artists, storyworld creators, and strategists. And together we’ve built some of the largest, most engaged communities in web3, on the green Palm network.

NFTs represent the future of art and distribution: a powerful point of connection, and a portal that unlocks new worlds. By making web3 experiences accessible to the world’s creative communities, our goal is to make space for the next big idea: yours.