Palm Garden Mission 1: Enter the Soup.

Published by Caitlin Burns
July 18, 2023
Palm Garden Mission 1: Enter the Soup.
Palm Garden Mission 1: Enter the Soup.


Each Palm Garden: Inklings holder has received an email with access to their first challenge in Palm Garden to learn about their Inklings and the signs and stars that govern their destinies. 


What are Inklings? ♡○o。..:*

Inklings are creatures who live in Palm Garden, a protean and magical space where a world is coming alive.。.。:+*

Each Inkling is born with natural talents and adaptations that help them explore and shape the world around them. ・゚✧*:・゚✧

Adopt your own at 

For the first community members in Palm Garden - their Inklings have been revealed…. But what does it all mean? 

A new world was born from chaos: Palm Garden. 

To steward the development of this world, Inklings emerged. •*˚


The first mission in each Inkling’s journey is:

  • To understand their innate attributes and skills. .。*゚+.*.。

  • To learn about their home. Their niche □■□ 

  • And the stars and signs they were born under…・:*:・.✫*゚ 

Each Palm Garden: Inklings holder has received an email with access to their first first challenge in Palm Garden to help them understand their new powers in this magical world. 



These missions allow users to dive into an original storyworld while also providing insights into the different elements of a collectible-driven experience. 

Mission 1 guides holders through a variety of Web3 concepts - and future missions will support their understanding of how they can create communities, share their own creations based on their collectibles’ licenses, and even participate in the development and direction of this shared storyworld and production. 



An exciting part of any new collection-based experience launch is the Mint and Reveal process. Palm Garden: Inklings - is a free collection redeemed by a voucher code to invited users. Other collections might be accessed through paid purchases or use other mechanics to give collectors access to the opportunity to be part of the launch of these new experiences. 

When a collection first becomes available, collectibles are minted to a blockchain - in this collection, that’s Palm network - and for Palm Garden: Inklings these collectibles were minted when collectors redeemed their voucher codes on  Invited collectors had the opportunity to mint their Inklings for a few weeks - or until the collection’s supply - the total number of potential collectibles ran out.

When reveal day occurs. This is when collectors can finally see the content of their unique collectibles as well as their unique traits and rarities. This day (today!) is the reveal day for Palm Garden: Inklings experiences and an exciting moment for the collection’s community to share, meet one another and start exploring the collection in depth. If you want to join the community - check out the Palm Garden channels on our Discord, or find other Inkling holders on social platforms with the hashtag:  #ihaveaninkling


Mission 1 also guides users through the visible Traits and Rarity of their Inklings… information that is visible in each collectible’s detail view in the collectors Collection at

Palm Garden: Inklings is a generative collection - meaning that it is built on a system that randomly selects the elements of each Inkling based on predefined traits that could potentially yield billions of unique characters. For Inklings - these traits include elements of their character art, their niches, the locations in the story world where they live or can explore first, and even elements of their personalities and the stars that govern their fate. This is the first public collection that has been released using the Palm Generative Art Maker - the first generative art creation tool in the Unreal Marketplace. You can learn more about the tool here and about the generative creation process here


When people collect their unique Inkling, they hold the key to a much larger storyworld. The larger picture of a collection-driven experience is sometimes seen in a list of future events, or utilities that each collectibles’ smart contract and license and the project’s terms and conditions permit. With Palm Garden: Inklings we’re building a world that the creators and collectors will build together. Guided by the creation team, showcasing the contributions of Inkling holders, and directed by community votes as it evolves over time. 

In the coming months, more collections and opportunities will emerge in for collectors, creators, partners and to affect our world both real and imagined. Some of these will come from partnerships with institutions, others from the minds of creators who collect and become part of this creative community. The signs and seasons of Palm Garden are a promise - that this new world is part of a wider world of imagination, and that the future will be guided by benevolent stars that can bring out the best in all of us. 

·̩̩̥͙*˚·̩̩̥͙*˚*•̩̩͙✩•̩̩͙*˚*·̩̩̥͙˚*·̩̩̥͙ To learn more about the world of Palm Garden and the Inklings, join the community on Discord, or learn more here.  Find each other on other platforms with #ihaveaninkling