The Rings : ・ ┉ ൦┉。 (18 May - 17 Jun)

Published by Caitlin Burns
May 18, 2024
The Rings : ・ ┉ ൦┉。 (18 May - 17 Jun)
The Rings : ・ ┉ ൦┉。 (18 May - 17 Jun)

・ ┉ ൦┉。 A new season begins in Palm Garden, ushering in a moment of harmony and balance. 


The Rings : ・ ┉ ൦┉。 (18 May - 17 Jun) 

Melodious - Captivating - Refined

At the equator of Palm Garden, a beautiful set of colorful rings span the planet, shimmering in the night sky, they waver and flow around the planet, creating a beautiful light show when light is low. Creating a twilight throughout each night of this season, Inklings are reminded of the sheer beauty of the world around them and the wonders it holds. Inklings can often be found enjoying the wider world outside their niches and meditating during this season.

Inklings that emerge under the sign of The Rings are captivating and musical. They see the harmony in complexity and add beauty and refinement to their works. They can sometimes be brash or come off as arrogant, but often struggle when working alone. 


The Rings rise above Palm Garden’s horizon, filling day and night with glorious bands of color. This season of the Inklings’ year is a culmination - a crescendo - of creative sharing. Inklings gather far and wide across the labyrinth of niches, in the plazas, the forum, and feast at the Primordial soup kitchen as they share their work and insights as the end of the year is nearly upon them. It is a time for proposals, artistic expression and inspired visions of the future Inklings want to see. 

It’s a good time to: Share your experience It’s a bad time to: Stay home



  • By sharing your stories, you understand your own experience better. 

  • If you speak up, your ideas can spread throughout the world. 

  • If you share your vision for the future, you may find that others want to bring that future to life with you. 


What do the stars have in store for your Inkling during The Rings? 

The Rings : ・ ┉ ൦┉。 (18 May - 17 Jun) Melodious, Captivating, Refined

Your season is truly epic, Rings. As the waves of color crest above the horizon it’s time to give life to your strongest creative offerings of the year. You’re conducting a creative symphony this season, take up the baton and set the tempo - each new element will surprise and delight you. 

The Eclipse ━●━ (18 Jun - 17 July) Oblique, Exciting, Connecters

Your eye for detail will find much to appreciate this season, Eclipse. Try to turn down the volume on  your judgments as Inklings bravely share their year’s work with others - and consider the tone of any critiques you choose to give. If you can maintain an open and forgiving mood you’ll likely enjoy everything more as well. 


The Convergence ˚•♦•˚(18 July -  17 Aug)  Balanced, Harmonious, Observant

During the season of the Rings, you’ll feel a pull to other Inklings. While you can be aloof at times the sharing spirit of the season can draw you out of your shell if you let it. Stretch your flagella and open up, Convergence. 

The Binary 。:●൦:* (18 Aug - 17 Sep)  Supportive, Social, Collaborative

You’ll rock out this season to a tempo all your own. You might take the lead in a dance, or set the mood for a room, but keep an eye on those around you. If the vibes aren’t meshing, be content to go solo to the beat of your own drum. 


The Nova  ━ ⋇ ━ (18 Sep - 17 Oct) Expansive, Esoteric, Visionary

The season of the Rings can be an explosive season as Inklings push through their insecurities and lay their creative work out for all to see. You love a good blow out, and feel more comfortable than many in exhibition - take that power and share it with others, be their cheerleader and celebrate. 


The Galaxy ・○o。. (18 Oct - 17 Nov) Grounded, Insightful, Complex

Have you been sitting on that piece of work? The Rings is a great time to share it. Other Inklings are receptive and this season of joy and kindness is a friendly time to lay your emotional insights out into the garden. 

The Comet ⋆ˊˎ- (18 Nov - 17 Dec) Impulsive, Brilliant, Shrewd

The energy of the Rings is invigorating and your impulsive nature will guide you to many different paths this season. As you traverse Palm Garden, be a receptive audience member, whether you’re enjoying someone’s artistic sharing, or enjoying the beauty of the season’s sky. 

The Nebula ◦∘  ൦∘ ◦ (18 Dec - 17 Jan) Broad-minded, Resourceful, Dreamy

While the Rings feel like perfect and final works of art, as heavenly bodies go, they’re young and some of the most changeable stars in the sky. By the standards of stars, they’re ephemeral, pieces of art that live on in memory as perfect and eternal - but like our own arts, only become eternal when appreciated and seen. 

The Moon 。˚☽˚。 (18 Jan - 17 Feb) Reflective, Magnetic, Instinctual

The heady beauty of the season will fill you to the brim with excitement. Listen to your instinct, Moons, and enjoy the energy that inspires you to socialize, share and even perform. Play and revel and other Inklings will find your enjoyment infectious. 


The Seven Sisters ・゚゚・。∘ ゚(18 Feb - 17 Mar) Celebrative, Warm, Poetic

This season is one of your happy places, Inklings are seeking out one another and you feel most comfortable when surrounded by joyous friends. The warmth of the season is a wonderful time for you to share your own poetry with those friends, don’t shy away from the limelight. 


The North Star -: ✧ :- (18 Mar - 17 Apr)  Focused, Strategic, Perceptive

Your ego can take a back seat this season, North Stars, as you’re surrounded with a harvest of art and meaning. Your goals still in progress can take a pause as you share what you’ve achieved. You may discover you’ve done more than you thought. 


The Field .・:*:・゚(18 Apr - 17 May) Adventurous, Dynamic, Curious

As the Rings rise you’ll feel a sense of relaxation and relief, like you’d been holding your breath all year. After your season, you may find yourself reflective on your feelings in curious ways - was a new insight brought to life? Whether you choose to share, or consider on your own, it’s a time to explore your inner life. 

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