The Moon 。˚☽˚。 (18 Jan - 17 Feb)

Published by Caitlin Burns
January 18, 2024
The Moon 。˚☽˚。 (18 Jan - 17 Feb)
The Moon 。˚☽˚。 (18 Jan - 17 Feb)

。˚☽˚。   A new season begins in Palm Garden, ushering in a moment of reflection and meditation. 


The Moon 。˚☽˚。 (18 Jan - 17 Feb) 

Reflective - Magnetic - Instinctual

A partner to Palm Garden, a shining body in the night sky illuminates the night in Palm Garden. Similar to Earth’s moon, but not quite, it orbits our world monthly, waxing, waning, and pulling at the tides. The season of the Moon is when the planetoid is closest to Palm Garden, shining brightly in the night, and creating high tides. Inklings are drawn out into the darkness to explore the many mysteries of Palm Garden only revealed when limned in moonlight.

Inklings that emerge under the sign of The Moon are predictable and steady, and deeply in touch with their instincts. While their creative inspiration ebbs and flows, they are magnetic and shining. While they are the guiding star of many around them, they equally rely on their friends to keep them on their path. 


At the midpoint of the Palm Garden year, The Moon is at its closest and tides rise. A quiet descends on the lands and Inklings slow down. While many gatherings occur, an equal number of Inklings seek out peaceful places in the Iterritories to reflect on the events of the previous seasons and consider their intention for the seasons to come. Through good and bad times, Inklings are fueled by creative sharing. This is a period for art that reflects the time that has passed, in any medium. 

It’s a good time to: Attempt a new creative format It’s a bad time to: Push your feelings down



  • There’s always another layer of experience to explore. 

  • To move forward, sometimes one must look backwards. 

  • If you don’t take time to rest,  your body will decide when it happens. 


What do the stars have in store for your Inkling during The Moon? 

The Moon 。˚☽˚。 (18 Jan - 17 Feb) Reflective, Magnetic, Instinctual

As the season rises, you’ll feel a pull of power from deep within. Let your instincts guide you this season, whether it’s to a gathering or to sit back and contemplate what’s passed and what is yet to come. Don’t forget that other Inklings aren’t as comfortable looking inward, they may need you as a guide.


The Seven Sisters ・゚゚・。∘ ゚(18 Feb - 17 Mar) Celebrative, Warm, Poetic

As Inklings gather, you’ll find a friendly audience for your plots and schemes in the season of the Moon. While you’re helping others voice their takes on the last 6 months, don’t forget to share your own experiences. 

The North Star -: ✧ :- (18 Mar - 17 Apr)  Focused, Strategic, Perceptive

The quiet and stillness of the mid-year season fills you with a sense of purpose, you’ll have clarity and the time to organize your plans for the next seasons. Remember that other Inklings aren’t ready to dive into new projects yet - but you can use this time to refine your pitch and be ready to go when the seasons shift again. 

The Field .・:*:・゚(18 Apr - 17 May) Adventurous, Dynamic, Curious

You may find yourself anxious or nervous as the season approaches - quiet reflection isn’t usually your… thing! That anxiety you’re feeling is a tension between the inner work you need to do and your active personality. Try framing personal reflection as an adventure inside yourself - you get to set the rules and you can have as many dreamy quests as you like - you’re in charge of your process. 

The Rings : ・ ┉ ൦┉。 (18 May - 17 Jun) Melodious, Captivating, Refined

With the season encouraging Inklings to gather and share, it’s a wonderful time to perform and accompany the revelations of others. Is there a dynamic duet to play? Does this story need percussive accompaniment? Break out of your normal tempo and try new things - but listen to your creative partners along the way. 

The Eclipse ━●━ (18 Jun - 17 July) Oblique, Exciting, Connecters

This season of reflection finds many Inklings taking stock of their past actions and diving into the shadows of their hearts. You’re here for it. You’re the best at this. But! Be cautious to be kind to others during this season - while you may have the insight another Inkling seeks, not everyone needs you to offer it, and when they’re opening up - they may need a friendly listener more than a  life coach. 

The Convergence ˚•♦•˚(18 July -  17 Aug)  Balanced, Harmonious, Observant

This time for meditation speaks to your soul, Convergences. It’s an ideal time to seek out the stories and art of others to understand what speaks to you, and who might be your next great collaborator. Keep your eyes open and look around you at the symphony of feelings. 

The Binary 。:●൦:* (18 Aug - 17 Sep)  Supportive, Social, Collaborative

The vibes might feel off to you, Binaries, as this season encourages Inklings to work on themselves. As you seek out inspiration from others, you might find yourself seeking out connection - even when others aren’t on the same wavelength. Remind yourself that while you thrive on feedback, sharing constructive thoughts is a skill you can always improve. 

The Nova  ━ ⋇ ━ (18 Sep - 17 Oct) Expansive, Esoteric, Visionary

Your journey during the Moon will be intense. Your visionary nature loves a good season of reflection and prophecy. While you might be inspired to look ahead and see what is in store in the coming seasons, be sure to look at the next steps in front of you as well. Take time to consider the present while it’s still here. 

The Galaxy ・○o。. (18 Oct - 17 Nov) Grounded, Insightful, Complex

Raise your eyes up to the Moon, Galaxies. It’s normal for you to be looking around and drawing new ideas, collaborators, and resources to you but how often do you spend simply looking above. The skies during this season are clear and give Palm Garden a moment to rest. This is your chance to disconnect, to simply exist in the world you’re dedicated to creating. 

The Comet ⋆ˊˎ- (18 Nov - 17 Dec) Impulsive, Brilliant, Shrewd

Are you still feeling a bit down, Comets? It’s normal that after extreme events Inklings bounce back at different times. This season of recovery is about rebuilding your internal strength and energy. While you might feel drawn to gatherings and to share as much and as deeply as you can - take the time you need to rest. Things will be ready to share when you’re ready to share them. 

The Nebula ◦∘  ൦∘ ◦ (18 Dec - 17 Jan) Broad-minded, Resourceful, Dreamy

The season of the moon is a lovely time for Nebulas, with shared ideas and art flowing free as Inklings consider and work through the events of the previous half-year. It’s attractive to give yourself over to the flow of ideas and gather as many to your heart as you can. That flow is intoxicating, but still takes energy. Remember to use this season of rest for rest whenever you can. 

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