The Galaxy ・○o。. (18 Oct - 17 Nov)

Published by Caitlin Burns
October 18, 2023
The Galaxy ・○o。. (18 Oct - 17 Nov)
The Galaxy ・○o。. (18 Oct - 17 Nov)

・○o。.   A new season begins in Palm Garden, ushering in a moment of inspiration and communication. 


The Galaxy ・○o。. (18 Oct - 17 Nov) 

Grounded - Insightful - Complex

While Palm Garden is infinite, there is a vast expanse beyond that may inspire, affect and guide its denizens to continue to look outside themselves. In the night sky, a band of stars is visible during certain periods of the year reminding us that we are not alone. During the Galaxy’s season, Inklings are invited to reach out beyond their limits, to consider the biggest picture and reach as far as their imagination will span. 

Inklings that emerge under the sign of The Galaxy are grounded in Palm Garden, while they can cast their eyes towards the future, they delight in the world that surrounds them. Skilled observers that see the complexity and detail of the world, they often understand exactly what can be possible with Palm Garden’s resources more clearly than other signs. 


The Galaxy’s season is a time for creative ideas to sparkle. As Inklings return from their adventures during the Nova, it’s a time to share and create based on what they’ve learned. Each individual perspective that is shared is celebrated and has a moment to shine. As the vast Galaxy fills the skies above Palm Garden, Inklings gather to tell their stories, revel in art and envision what the world can be together. 

It’s a good time to: Paint a picture It’s a bad time to: Bottle things up.  _________________________________


  • The universe is larger than anyone can imagine. 

  • Every bit of it is special and unique. 

  • Everything looks different based on perspective. 


What do the stars have in store for your Inkling during The Galaxy? 

The Galaxy ・○o。. (18 Oct - 17 Nov) Grounded, Insightful, Complex

What a glorious and pleasant season awaits you. A time of sharing and communion as Inklings come together in plazas and forums to share their experiences. Can you feel the potential? The wonder? Invite others to participate in the beauty of Palm Garden as you share your own insights and ponder your place in the wide, wide world. 

The Comet ⋆ˊˎ- (18 Nov - 17 Dec) Impulsive, Brilliant, Shrewd

You’ve come so far, and it’s time to return. You’re a creature of cycles, Comet, and now is a season for sharing and connecting with other Inklings. Take a moment to listen to the stories of others before you rush off to the next experience, react to the creations of others and pause to rest. You may find the path to your next adventure along the way. 

The Nebula ◦∘  ൦∘ ◦ (18 Dec - 17 Jan) Broad-minded, Resourceful, Dreamy

As Inklings gather and share their works, is there a next step beyond these prompts? It’s important to remember that new additions and insights may or may not be welcome when someone is bearing their soul, so ask Inklings before unloading. Work on your critique skills and focus on being constructive - it’s where your greatest strength lies, Nebula. 

The Moon 。˚☽˚。 (18 Jan - 17 Feb) Reflective, Magnetic, Instinctual

This is a season where you sparkle, Moons, shine your light on the gatherings and displays. Appreciate the contributions of those around you and let your instinct guide you to new opportunities. Find something new and tell its creator how it moves you. You may find new inspiration or a new creative partner in the process. 

The Seven Sisters ・゚゚・。∘ ゚(18 Feb - 17 Mar) Celebrative, Warm, Poetic

It’s party time again, Sevens! In a moment of union and connection remember that your natural warmth is a superpower. For many Inklings, this time of sharing can be… intimidating. Use your energy to invite others to join in and share, and to remind them that a friend wants to hear from them. That could be the difference between an important voice heard and an insight lost forever. 

The North Star -: ✧ :- (18 Mar - 17 Apr)  Focused, Strategic, Perceptive

Your focus and perceptiveness can make you the center of attention this season, North Star. Make sure you’re sharing your visions with others and chances are, you’ll find a receptive audience. Don’t get so wrapped up in your own perspective that you forget to look around at what others are bringing to the table, they’ll surprise you and may give you the insight you need for it all to come together. 

The Field .・:*:・゚(18 Apr - 17 May) Adventurous, Dynamic, Curious

Observing, reflecting, appreciating. You may find the receptive aspects of this season take a lot of energy for you, Fields. As you flit from art to art, story to story, conversation to conversation, do your best to give each one your full attention while you’re there. 

The Rings : ・ ┉ ൦┉。 (18 May - 17 Jun) Melodious, Captivating, Refined

This season is a symphony of different creative expressions. Use your innate understanding of tone and themes to connect the dots between the different pieces of the whole you experience. Can you help put together seemingly disparate chords? Can you be the catalyst for something new and beautiful?

The Eclipse ━●━ (18 Jun - 17 July) Oblique, Exciting, Connecters

Who will fate put in your path this season? Sometimes you’ll meet people that you know with your entire being should know one another. The connecting puzzle piece is you, Eclipse, and it’s up to you to make the introduction. Will you answer destiny’s call? 

The Convergence ˚•♦•˚(18 July -  17 Aug)  Balanced, Harmonious, Observant

Every party has an energy. You’re naturally built to appreciate that energy on a deep level and to notice when something is slightly off. This is a strength when you use that moment to speak up and do something, and a weakness if you hold it in and let it eat up your piece. If you see something that might need adjustment, it’s worth sharing - you might even solve a problem.  

The Binary 。:●൦:* (18 Aug - 17 Sep)  Supportive, Social, Collaborative

The Galaxy is a time for reconnection. Who haven’t you reached out to lately? Has someone disappeared? Reach out! Friendships are two way streets, but if you don’t tell someone you’re thinking of them, they’ll never know. Take a moment this season to open up paths that haven’t been explored, and invite an old friend.

The Nova  ━ ⋇ ━ (18 Sep - 17 Oct) Expansive, Esoteric, Visionary

While your season has ended, it can be a relief. Rest and recovery is important, especially after big journeys. It’s ok if you prefer to sit back and enjoy a social engagement rather than seek out the limelight. Resting is the secret to not quitting on your dreams. With visions as large as yours, Novas, building good rest habits will be essential. 

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