The Convergence ˚•♦•˚(18 July - 18 Aug)

Published by Caitlin Burns
July 18, 2023
The Convergence ˚•♦•˚(18 July -  18 Aug)
The Convergence ˚•♦•˚(18 July -  18 Aug)

˚•♦•˚ A new season begins in Palm Garden, ushering in a moment of harmony and balance. 


The Convergence ˚•♦•˚(18 July -  17 Aug)  

Balanced - Harmonious - Observant

The first season in Palm Garden’s year begins as all the planets in the system where Palm Garden resides align together in a beautiful cosmic ballet. This moment of harmony is a peaceful period of reflection and anticipation for what each new year will bring. 

Inklings that emerge under the sign of The Convergence seek balance in all things. Able to find the disharmony or outlier in a situation quickly, they can become anxious if they don’t know what piece will create the perfect whole. Great friends, they understand that the perspectives of others are essential to solving problems. 


Palm Garden’s new year has begun, as the heavenly bodies that surround our world align in The Convergence. This period of balance means that the lands of Palm Garden are unusually calm, a period of peace when the chaotic tides of creation are … as predictable as they will ever be.  It is a good moment to take a look around, to explore when peril is at its most limited. A special time for newly emerged Inklings to get their flagella under them and get their bearings. Make the most of this calm, because every season has its turn, and as Palm Garden turns… nothing will stay quiet for long. 

It’s a good time to: Explore It’s a bad time to: Dig for buried treasure 



  • The world is yours, learn what it contains.

  • You get out of the world, what you put into it. 

  • No matter how strange or unsettling your path is, there will be times when everything comes together.


What do the stars have in store for your Inkling during The Convergence? 

The Convergence ˚•♦•˚(18 July -  17 Aug)  Balanced, Harmonious, Observant

It’s your season, Convergence. You can hear the faint chime as heavenly bodies align and bring peace to the lands of Palm Garden. This is the most centered the world will ever be, and you’re feeling a deep inner stability during this season. This moment is an invitation to venture out and discover new places, relationships and inspirations. Enjoy! 

The Binary 。:●൦:* (18 Aug - 17 Sep)  Supportive, Social, Collaborative

The Convergence’s balance means that Inklings are more open to new relationships and less anxious on the whole. What a great moment for you to make new friends and seek out new projects! As you mingle and mix, remember to let others tell you their stories - practice your listening skills and you may find yourself inspired. 

The Nova  ━ ⋇ ━ (18 Sep - 17 Oct) Expansive, Esoteric, Visionary

The heavens aligning in harmony? What a vibe, right, Novas? You can feel the resonance of each heavenly body spilling over Palm Garden bringing peace as emerging Inklings explore the world. You’ll be thinking ahead, as always, to what might come next. Don’t let the future distract you from the present. This is a time to get out there and connect - meet new Inklings, gather resources… you know you’ll need them. 

The Galaxy ・○o。. (18 Oct - 17 Nov) Grounded, Insightful, Complex

As the stars align you’ll be captivated by the big picture, Galaxies. While peace governs Palm Garden, the chaotic shifts and wiggly chaos that can grab your attention will be muted. This is a great moment to start building your map of that larger scene - what does the world look like when you can see the forest without those pesky trees distracting you. 

The Comet ⋆ˊˎ- (18 Nov - 17 Dec) Impulsive, Brilliant, Shrewd

This season fills you with anticipation, there’s something coming but it’s not here yet, Comets. You get to make the choice to be excited or anxious about that - they’re two sides of the same feeling. It’s up to each individual to decide whether the tension you feel building this season is delicious or something to be suffered.

The Nebula ◦∘  ൦∘ ◦ (18 Dec - 17 Jan) Broad-minded, Resourceful, Dreamy

The Convergence is a fun filled time for Nebulas. With so many Inklings out exploring, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with so many new collaborators. Take advantage of the season and build your team, find like and unlike minds to fuel your creative fires. Especially the more introverted signs that might need a buddy to draw out their critical insights for your future projects - they may be more receptive now, so take a shot and introduce yourself. 

The Moon 。˚☽˚。 (18 Jan - 17 Feb) Reflective, Magnetic, Instinctual

Oh, you’re still here? What a nice surprise! Moons experience incredible wanderlust during The Convergence and we recommend giving in to that passion. Go with the flow and let it guide you into new spaces, new relationships and new ideas this season. As the season waxes - don’t hold on too hard to new discoveries, they’ll be there if you wish to return. 

The Seven Sisters ・゚゚・。∘ ゚(18 Feb - 17 Mar) Celebrative, Warm, Poetic

Find your tribe, Seven. Your community is waiting for you in the garden. Even the most reserved and shy Inklings find themselves venturing forth during the Convergence. Seek them out, share the love and build relationships for when you’ll really need them. 

The North Star -: ✧ :- (18 Mar - 17 Apr)  Focused, Strategic, Perceptive

We can feel your excitement from here, North Stars. A new year, a new opportunity for new goals. While your gears are turning on the next big thing, make sure you’re taking time to seek out something new to inspire you while the season is ripe. There’s a magnificent wide world outside your niche and it’s filled with ideas to inspire you. 

The Field .・:*:・゚(18 Apr - 17 May) Adventurous, Dynamic, Curious

How far can you go? How much can you explore? The lands are wide open, Fields, and ready for you to make new discoveries. Use that unbridled energy to map as much as you can because the changing seasons will obscure and complicate the territory as the year turns onwards. 

The Rings : ・ ┉ ൦┉。 (18 May - 17 Jun) Melodious, Captivating, Refined

Do you hear the music, Rings? The harmony of the Converge is rich and clear - giving you time to tune your instruments and compose new songs. A song is only as resonant as the space it's played in so make sure you take time to explore new places. You might find yourself in the perfect spot for a new duet. 

The Eclipse ━●━ (18 Jun - 17 July) Oblique, Exciting, Connecters

As your season closes and a new year emerges it’s important to remember that the only constant in the universe is change. You might be frustrated by the earnest enthusiasm of newly emerged Inklings - blithely learning about the world and themselves for the first time. This is an opportunity for you too, Eclipses, to set aside your serious demeanor and let loose. Shake off some cobwebs and try to look at the new world with fresh eyes. 

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