The Comet ⋆ˊˎ- (18 Nov - 17 Dec)

Published by Caitlin Burns
November 18, 2023
The Comet ⋆ˊˎ- (18 Nov - 17 Dec)
The Comet ⋆ˊˎ- (18 Nov - 17 Dec)


A new season begins in Palm Garden, ushering in a moment of chaos and seismic shifts. 


The Comet ⋆ˊˎ- (18 Nov - 17 Dec) 

Impulsive - Brilliant - Shrewd

A traveling rock that periodically enters the orbit of Palm Garden, it is a catalyst that drives change. As the Comet approaches the world, it pulls at Palm Garden, shaking things up and bringing hidden things to the surface. A time of excitement and turmoil, this Comet’s gravitational forces create waves and tides that affect the world, from the Dunedrift to the Scalefields, earthquakes, floods, and sudden droughts remind Inklings that life is unpredictable, and the way through is working together.   

Inklings that emerge under the sign of the Comet are struck with bursts of creative insight and are known for coming through with answers at exactly the most needed moment. They may be frustrated at times because they can go for long periods without feeling that incredible spark... but they shouldn’t worry, it always comes back around. 


An unstoppable and powerful force rocks Palm Garden once a year. The Comet’s orbit is huge, but it travels at incredible speeds and the force of its sudden passage shakes, quakes and shapes Palm Garden in unpredictable ways. In the days and weeks leading up to the Comet’s passage, giant waves, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions occur in Palm Garden.  As their niches shift and shudder, Inklings seek out one another to help secure, repair and recover from the sometimes catastrophic changes in their world. 

It’s a good time to: Check on your friends It’s a bad time to: Go camping



  • Change is difficult, even when it’s expected. 

  • All difficulties can become easier when shared. 

  • Everything is temporary, including challenging circumstances. 


What do the stars have in store for your Inkling during The Comet? 

The Comet ⋆ˊˎ- (18 Nov - 17 Dec) Impulsive, Brilliant, Shrewd

While you may be anxious during more calm seasons of the year, you’re built for periods of major change, Comets. As Palm Garden shifts and shakes, your natural energy will help you travel to where you need to be and to support others when they need it. Make sure you don’t forget your own needs - you can only help others if you’re taken care of yourself. 

The Nebula ◦∘  ൦∘ ◦ (18 Dec - 17 Jan) Broad-minded, Resourceful, Dreamy

You’re clever and resourceful, Nebuals, but you may need to lean on others to help you see where you can put those skills to greatest use in times of need. Don’t hold on too close to your stores of resources, material or creative, and you’ll be able to get through difficult times together. 

The Moon 。˚☽˚。 (18 Jan - 17 Feb) Reflective, Magnetic, Instinctual

Trust your instincts, Moons, the subtle signs of the world often give us warnings of sudden changes before we can consciously understand them. If something feels off, speak up. When the waters are receding, others need to know if a tsunami is coming. During this changeable season of Palm Garden, the fates of many rely on the voice of those who trust their gut. 

The Seven Sisters ・゚゚・。∘ ゚(18 Feb - 17 Mar) Celebrative, Warm, Poetic

During times of crisis and change, Inklings need warmth and friendship the most. Friendship means nothing when life is easy, and the ability to find others, and remind them that you care is incredibly powerful. Sometimes friends can see our strengths better than we can - and Sevens have poetic souls that can help others see their power and potential with a few encouraging words. 

The North Star -: ✧ :- (18 Mar - 17 Apr)  Focused, Strategic, Perceptive

A failure to plan may be a plan for failure, but a failure to recognize the truth on the ground is an absolute disaster. The season of the Comet is a volatile and unpredictable time, so don’t hold too hard to what you thought the conditions would be. Your natural ability to organize will be essential - but only if you understand the real situation around you. 

The Field .・:*:・゚(18 Apr - 17 May) Adventurous, Dynamic, Curious

Is it strange to feel more connected to the world when it’s falling apart? In truth it is not. For those who live in the moment – times of extreme change can be a relief as masks and illusions are dropped and communities must work together to take on gigantic challenges. Don’t sweat the small stuff and put one foot in front of the other this season, Fields. 

The Rings : ・ ┉ ൦┉。 (18 May - 17 Jun) Melodious, Captivating, Refined

Music and stories are the art of crisis, when Inklings must leave their niches and are displaced, they take songs and history with them. No matter where you are, the art you bring with you sings your journey. As long as a culture lives, its people have a home. In Palm Garden you can help build a resilient home for all Inklings - no matter what dangers you face. 

The Eclipse ━●━ (18 Jun - 17 July) Oblique, Exciting, Connecters

Inklings always need each other, but their awareness of that need is sharp and piercing during the season of the Comet. It can be difficult for Eclipses to turn off their awareness of core needs in other, less troubled, seasons. Sometimes they can be too sharp when they think someone is forgetting these core truths. But when it counts, kindness is the most important gift you can give. 

The Convergence ˚•♦•˚(18 July -  17 Aug)  Balanced, Harmonious, Observant

The big picture you see is important: it helps you see when something unusual is happening, and that on the other side of big changes, there’s a new season in store. Your optimism can help others find their courage, and your awareness can help other Inklings avoid peril. Use your voice and speak out - you can make a difference, Convergence. 

The Binary 。:●൦:* (18 Aug - 17 Sep)  Supportive, Social, Collaborative

How do we react in a crisis? For many, their anxieties wash away and they’re able to be present when they need to be. For others, they freeze and panic, or can only imagine the worst outcomes. For you Binary, look to those around you, what do they need? If you find yourself spinning out, can you do one small thing that helps another Inkling? Then find one more. Then one more…

The Nova  ━ ⋇ ━ (18 Sep - 17 Oct) Expansive, Esoteric, Visionary

In explosive times, like the season of the Comet, you can feel a rush of energy. The intensity of the energy around you can amplify emotions and sensations and when the moment is done… you feel empty and let down. Remember that valleys follow peaks and that when you spend a tremendous amount of energy, you’ll need to build it back up again. 

The Galaxy ・○o。. (18 Oct - 17 Nov) Grounded, Insightful, Complex

Galaxies understand the art of the possible instinctively. These instincts are critical when decisions need to be made fast. This season, your talents are needed, Galaxies, so dig in and help others identify spaces where they are needed. Help fill in gaps and point out solutions. 

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