Artist Talks: Antoni Tudisco Renders The Surreal World.

Published by Dev Moore
October 15, 2021
Artist Talks: Antoni Tudisco Renders The Surreal World.
Artist Talks: Antoni Tudisco Renders The Surreal World.

Digital artist Antoni Tudisco’s latest drop on Portion goes deep inside the mind of Wiz Khalifa.

Technology can rapidly change the world, but it’s often artists and creators that reimagine it. As crypto ecosystems continue to explore the definition of what it means to exist in an ever-expanding multiverse, Antoni Tudisco brings this thought to life in his work.

Antoni Tudisco’s digital artworks quickly became some of the highest-valued digital artworks of our modern crypto times, with total sales reaching well over 1,300 ETH (currently $4,485,494.81 USD). Tudisco’s artistic combinations of Unreal Engine, Cinema 4D, and Marvelous Designer (alongside other unknown mechanics) present an uncanny representation of the universe they’ve crafted in the form of unique NFTs, or non-fungible tokens.

The work of Tudisco unveils an imagined future in which utopia, dystopia, and existentialism all exist within illustrious universes imagined by the talented digital artist. Many of his works touch on the concepts of surrealist environments, often spaces that seem digitally integrated and unimaginable, yet not too far from the distant future. The unique intersection of both pop culture and motion graphics that exist in Tudisco’s work creates a futuristic lens on modern culture with a familiar perspective that viewers can access.

Antoni Tudisco got his start as an artist at age 13, experimenting with MySpace. In the years since, he’s risen to massive acclaim: with commissions from Nike, Versace, Adidas, and features in Hypebeast, HighSnobiety, and Vogue. Along the way, he’s found his voice: an otherworldly, hyperrealism that pulls you in through the screen. Tudisco’s work is something you can almost touch, even as it transports you to another dimension.

“Art shouldn’t be rushed. And that’s how I feel working on my NFT’s. Sometimes client work got that strict deadline with locked briefings etc. But with NFTs you can create whatever you want, whenever you want.”

Tudisco’s latest creative endeavor includes a collaborative NFT collection from Antoni and hip-hop mogul Wiz Khalifa.  Each piece began with Wiz selecting musical and stylistic elements from his recent work, which Tudisco then meshed with their signature hyper-digital style. Sustainably minted on the Palm network, the collection spans 10 original works, each with 10 editions.

“I’m always trying to evolve my skills and style and explore new things,” said Tudisco. “Working with Wiz pushed me to find our shared creative passions and then figure out how to bring them to life.”

Explore the collaborative Wiz Khalifa x Antoni Tudisco NFT drop here on Portion, powered by Palm network.