Palm network is now available For All NFT creators on Infura.

Published by Jada Bowman
February 23, 2022
Palm network is now available For All NFT creators on Infura.
Palm network is now available For All NFT creators on Infura.

Palm NFT Studio and Infura are empowering developers to create new systems, products and services with familiar and sustainable experiences on the Palm network.

Today, Palm NFT Studio announces an active collaboration with Infura to grant nearly 430,000 developers access to create NFTs on the Palm network, an Ethereum side chain that is over 99% more efficient than Proof of Work-based blockchain networks. 

This collaboration allows Infura users to use the Palm network mainnet and testnet as a part of all existing Infura plans, without any additional costs. Offering a familiar and environmentally friendly experience, popular wallet MetaMask and smart contract development environment Truffle work with the blockchain out of the box – no new integrations required. In addition, no action is required to activate the Palm network and the availability of the Palm network testnet allows builders to develop and test NFT projects before going live. 

Digital art collectors can also now transfer their favorite NFTs on the Palm network bridge with ease. This is possible because of Infura’s Ethereum API and ITX, which helps relay transactions between the Palm and Ethereum networks. 

About Infura

Backed by the blockchain software company ConsenSys, Infura is the #1 toolkit for blockchain development for more than 400,000 users. Moreover, Infura provides instant and reliable access to the Ethereum and IPFS networks to enable developers to build sophisticated next-generation software and Web3 applications. 

How to mint NFTs on the Palm network using Infura 

For users looking to mint NFT projects, the Palm network provides an effective solution to create NFTs that are able to be bridged back to Ethereum.

To access the Palm network mainnet or testnet endpoints, here’s how to get started:

  1. Login to your Infura account and select an existing Ethereum project (or create a new Ethereum project if you have not yet).

  2. Click on the settings of the project to view the Palm network API endpoints

See Infura’s documentation on the Palm network for more information.