The blockchain is the medium.

Published by Matt Mason
July 08, 2021
The blockchain is the medium.
The blockchain is the medium.

Before the Internet, we collected physical objects that meant something to us. Records, films, photographs: our experience of media was tactile and visceral. Web2 gave rise to social media, a new mode of expression and exchange. This triggered the devaluation of physical media. It also accelerated global creativity. 

Web3 is about social objects that can be both digital and valuable. The blockchain provides artists with a new medium that is as flexible as they are creative. It’s a paintbrush, a camera; a building block and an open door. NFTs represent the future of art and distribution; a powerful point of connection, and a force that drives culture forward. 

In a digital landscape rife with hype and speculation, it might be tempting to say that all this means the end of art as we know it. In truth, we’re just at the very beginning of a new era. In time, the term ‘NFT’ will become obsolete, as ‘cyberspace’ did. NFTs will simply become the most natural way we create and share the things we care about.  Token design will become a creative discipline: like art, music, literature, movies, television and games.

Palm NFT Studio operates at the vanguard of this revolution. We are artists, thinkers and technologists who specialize in blockchain creativity. Our mission is to partner with creators and rights holders to help them leverage this new medium in the most imaginative ways. What does the future of media look like? There’s only one way to find out. 

Supporting creative futures requires community stewardship and environmental accountability. For that reason, the Palm ecosystem is the foundation of all we do. Driven by the community, the network is the most sustainable, scalable and versatile solution for creating and distributing NFTs on Ethereum.

With Palm, there’s no limit to what you can make. By removing barriers to blockchain creativity, it’s above all else our goal to make space for the next big idea: yours.