Inklings of a new world.

Published by Straith Schreder
July 11, 2023
Inklings of a new world.
Inklings of a new world.

Palm Garden is a project dedicated to exploring digital ecosystems: leveraging blockchain technology for environmental impact. As the platform grows, we’ll see new terrain surface. We’ll see new species emerge. And we’ll see transformation unfold: as we build a place: hand in hand with our community. 

The first inhabitants of this protean world will give it its shape. We call them Inklings. Inklings are creatures born with generative abilities and adaptations that help them on their quest to explore our emerging cosmos. 

Each brings a unique skill and perspective into this world. 

In turn, they shape it. 

Here, creative expression is a biological necessity, and generosity yields abundance. Over the course of the next year, those who participate in this project will also participate in an unfolding story, embarking on a series of quests that reveal the inner workings of this new planet . 

Signs of life emerge across the expanse. 

Our story begins in the primordial soup: a space of pure imagination; formed and freed from everything that came before.  A primitive labyrinth surfacing on-chain.

This place is wild, chaotic, and beautiful. It is Protean. It is a place that is becoming a place, still. Not only is it still forming, but it is filled with barely contained power. 

To wield that power and give it shape, our land needs creatures to inhabit it: Inklings. 

Inklings are the building blocks of life on this young planet; born with unique traits that help them explore and impact the territory around them. Their job is to imagine the world’s future in their minds’ eyes: to map its contours, to steward its growth. 

The taxonomy of a new species. 

Every Inkling is generative, unique. A genesis block for the world we build next. A world that is now, and always: beginning anew. 

Position: The position is the background image behind each niche. This represents the area of the emerging Palm Garden where each niche exists.

Grid: The architecture of each Inkling’s Niche. Its structure is suited to the risk-taking elements of the Inkling’s personality.

Ephemera: Ephemera are the doors, windows and portals that connect the niche to the outside world.

Memebrane: The Inkling's body shape, its memebrane, is adapted to suit their innate talents.

Debris: Each Inkling is born with attributes and talents- creative debris is drawn to them in their niche, with the gravity of shared purpose. 

Train of Thought: These threads of inspiration attach to Inklings’ bodies indicating ideas that are forming but are not yet complete.

Flagella: These appendages allow Inklings to perform certain tasks and move around.

Nebula: These floating materials are resources drawn to the Inkling based on their talents, a cloud of inspiration yet to form into bigger things

Adaptations: Palm Garden is a complex ecosystem , and each Inkling's body is adapted to the area where they emerge.

The influence of fate. 

Inklings were born underneath a changing sky. Every year, the constellations above and around our world rotate through twelve areas that shift and center different types of thinking. 

Each Inkling feels the pull of their celestial patron. Their personalities bear the imprint of their signs, defined by their position relative to these orbital periods.

The ecology of imagination. 

Every Inkling has a niche to call home: an access point to the larger world, and a singular perspective.  Niches are voxels in the biotechnical nebula. Like a coral reef, these voxels have been stacked together in regions across the planet. 

Each Inkling’s niche is based on their own unique adaptations, abilities, and preferences; the geographical terrain passed down from the memory of the makers. It provides shelter from the elements. It’s an access point to the larger world, with a singular perspective. Only by sharing their viewpoints can Inklings begin to map the entirety of the world they share. 

To shape this world, you must explore it.

We all enter the world with our own unique talents, perspectives, and skills. The adventure lies in learning to use them. Each Inkling has a calling: a quest to uncover how the universe around them works. 

How can they create the world they want to see?

How can they find one another and work together?

Where should they begin? 

Quests will invite project participants to explore the landscape of Palm Garden, revealing the underlying mechanics of this place. 

Our world begins when you create your place in it. 

The Inklings collection will launch as a free mint on  July 11, 2023, redeemable by voucher. If you’re subscribed to our mailing list, you’ll be emailed a code on 6/11 to collect your free Inkling. If you’re not on our list, you can sign up here. New subscribers: we’ll be mailing vouchers out weekly through mint close on 7/18. Thank you for being part of our family! ♡  *Total collection size will be limited to 3,000. A 10% reserve will be held for testing, team, comp distribution, and previous winners of PNFTS Discord contests.