Introducing Gotham City District Knightwatch.

Published by Dev Moore
April 27, 2022
Introducing Gotham City District Knightwatch.
Introducing Gotham City District Knightwatch.

Heed the call. Collect your NFT. Stand up for Gotham City. 

Your cowl is your identity. It’s also an induction into something bigger. When you collect your DC Bat Cowl, you’ll become a part of Gotham City District Knightwatch. Your district, assigned on May 3 with the reveal of your NFT, will be the starting point for your story. 

Gotham City District Knightwatch is made up of groups of Bat Faction members who are assigned by Batman to specific locations across Gotham. The last digit of your NFT’s serial number will correspond to your district assignment. Soon, you’ll receive a bonus NFT representing your district, as well as an update on the next chapter. Where will your story begin?

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District: Prison Circuit

Locations: Arkham Asylum, Blackgate Isle, Blackgate Penitentiary

Digit: 1

The Prison Circuit is aptly named. Arkham Asylum and Blackgate Penitentiary bookend a large swath of Gotham, meaning that the police and private security forces must routinely shuttle back and forth from Blackgate Isle to Arkham Island. Both locales may have been beautiful, once, but when those twin detention centers went up, everybody else moved out only to be replaced with structures that nobody else wanted. Sewage Centers, Water Treatment Plants, and other such buildings have turned the circuit into one of the most malodorous sections of Gotham.

For Bat Faction members whose Bat Cowl Serial Numbers end in 1, Batman has assigned you to patrol the Prison Circuit. In your district, corresponding members will find Blackgate Isle, Blackgate Penitentiary and the legendary Arkham Asylum – home to the criminally insane. Your mission is to ensure that Bat Faction is keeping a careful eye on strange events and to support faction members outside of your area when they need you.

District: Tricorner

Locations: Gotham Harbor, Paris Island, Dixon Docks

Digit: 2

Tricorner is indeed a three-sided island off of Gotham’s southern coast, but locals have come to use the term for all the surrounding area. Gotham Harbor, Paris Island, Dixon Docks: if it has to do with shipping, it’s all Tricorner. There are a few shops and residential complexes to serve those who work or support the tanker ships. The rest is purely industrial so don’t let any shady real estate broker try to pull a fast one on you by saying “it’s a district in transition.”

For Bat Faction members with Bat Cowl Serial Numbers ending in 2: your mission from Batman is to patrol Tricorner. Your territory also encompasses the northern end of Gotham Harbor, Dixon Docks, and Paris Island. The comings and goings of ships, longshoremen, and freight can mask illicit behavior, so make sure to keep alert and report any dealings, helping other factions if you’re certain your sector is quiet.

District: Chinatown

Locations: Little Italy, Vauxhall Center, Gotham Superior Courthouse

Digit: 3

Gotham City’s Chinatown emerged in the late 1800s, pushing out Italian immigrants who had settled there in the middle of that century. Little Italy is still there, as are the gangs that ran the illegal businesses of both segments, despite the City Council’s best efforts to “tourist-ify” the area. The Vauxhall Center and Gotham City Superior Courthouse are the most prominent symbol of that effort: two gigantic structures that stand dozens of feet higher than the slums that surround them. Those who wish to travel to the area should stick to routes that they know. The roads are winding, a trait that petty criminals use to stalk their prey, just out of sight.

Bat Faction members: if your Bat Cowl Serial Numbers ends in 3, Batman has tabbed you to patrol Chinatown. Little Italy, the Vauxhall Center, and Gotham Superior Courthouse all fall within this boundary. The winding streets and alleys can hide much in their shadows, so be sure to flush out any criminal behavior before moving on in your patrol. Make certain to detail anything odd or out of the ordinary as well as coming to the aid of those in other factions if they need help.

District: Old Gotham

Locations: Wayne Tower, Diamond District, G.C.P.D. Headquarters

Digit: 4

Old Gotham is so named because it was where the city was founded, but it also has a secondary meaning. All of the “old money” and founding families have left their fingerprints over this segment of the city. Wayne Tower is emblematic of that effect, as is the Diamond District, which caters to the blue bloods and their hangers-on. The Gotham City Police Department still has its main office here in its ancient, gothic headquarters, though efforts have been made to move to a more modern location in the middle of the city for ease of access. Cost overruns, graft, and corruption have stymied those attempts, showing that despite the wealth of Gotham’s elite, very little of it actually trickles down.

Bat Faction members whose Bat Cowl Serial Numbers end in 4 will find that Batman has designated Old Gotham as your patrol sector. Wayne Tower dominates the skyline here, as do the boutiques of the Diamond District, but be sure to watch out for anything suspicious around the GCPD headquarters: criminals sometimes make a run or go nuclear (literally) as they’re about to be put away. Report any/all illegal or odd events and help out those in other Bat Factions if the call is put out.

District: Financial District

Locations: Cathedral Square, Port Adams, City Hall District

Digit: 5

Though Old Gotham has all the famous skyscrapers, the Financial District of Gotham City is where most of the new rich of Gotham do their business. Its spiderweb of streets has forced architects to make due with odd angles so that the character of the buildings is far from uniform. Some say it has “character,” while others call it a mess. Cathedral Square is just above it and, as one of the most visible icons of Gotham with its gothic structure and gargoyles, is frequently used for campaign stops, parades, and other civic activities. City Hall itself is just a little further east but few people want to associate themselves with that part of the city, given the rampant corruption of most of the city’s history.

For Bat Faction members whose Bat Cowl Serial Numbers end in 5! Batman has designated you to patrol the Financial District. Port Adams, Cathedral Square, and the City Hall District are the biggest locales within your boundary. Take care to stand vigil over smaller shops, as well: supervillains get the headlines when they encase a skyscraper in a sheet of ice, but petty criminals make up 90% of the crime in Gotham. Report any activity within your sector and make sure to help other Bat Factions when they need it.

District: The Narrows

Locations: Gotham River, New Trigate Bridge, Sprang Bridge

Digit: 6

The Narrows have been slums from the start. The waters of Gotham River shrink to the greatest extent here, pushing water to dangerous speeds. In the days of ferries, this made the island undesirable to all but the “undesirables”: criminals hiding out from the police and those with no other place to rest their head. Gotham then built both New Trigate Bridge and Sprang Bridge to cross the river more safely, but the constant traffic high above the island did nothing to increase its appeal. Even as rents increase in some of the trendier parts of nearby Old Gotham and Midtown, apartments in the Narrows remain cheap and rat-infested.

For Bat Faction members whose Bat Cowl Serial Numbers end in 6, Batman has designated you to patrol the Narrows. It takes its name from the contraction of the Gotham River, so be prepared for rapid water, particularly at New Trigate Bridge and Sprang Bridge. Your “benefactor” is counting on you to report any suspicious behavior in your designated sector, but also help those in other Bat Factions should a call go out.

District: Upper Gotham

Locations: Upper West Side, Upper East Side, Robinson Park, Coventry

Digit: 7

Upper Gotham gets its name as much for its hilly terrain as that it is north of Old Gotham. The popular districts of Upper West and Upper East Side frame the island on both coasts, with Robinson Park right in the middle. The wealth of the people who live in those areas has attracted petty criminals for years: only the foolish would walk through Robinson in the middle of the night. Coventry is the other major district in the region and attracts a lot of students, as it’s still close to nearby Gotham U. but not as expensive as other areas, giving it a more Bohemian air.

Bat Faction members whose Bat Cowl Serial Numbers end in 7 should note that Batman has assigned you to patrol Upper Gotham. The Upper West Side, Upper East Side, the district of Coventry, and Robinson Park are all a part of your territory. There’s a lot of wealth concentrated here, which means lots of crimes of opportunity. Stay alert during your vigil, reporting any goings-on that might be out of the ordinary, and aid those outside of your sector if they call for help.

District: Crime Alley

Locations: Amusement Mile, Newtown, Gotham City Train Station

Digit: 8

Park Row was once one of the most desirable districts in the city, but when Gotham’s corruption proved to be a force of nature, its beauty slowly faded away along with its wealth until it earned the name “Crime Alley.” Newtown, a nearby sector of the city, has seen some growth in recent years due to the efforts of real estate developers, but it has just as many boarded up townhomes and drug dens as its neighbor. Gotham City Train Station is just to the west, allowing incoming commuters to avoid both areas, or to head north to Amusement Mile, the seaside theme park of Gotham City. The fresh air and sand are huge hits with visitors and residents alike, but those in the know avoid the rides and games of chance: corrupt inspection agents and lax security mean that the former are unsafe and the latter are scams.

All Bat Faction members whose Bat Cowl Serial Numbers end in 8 will, on Batman’s orders, patrol Crime Alley. Formerly “Park Row” before the criminal element moved in, this district of the city also abuts Amusement Mile, Newtown, and Gotham City Train Station, so make certain that you check in on those areas, as well. Observe and report all that you find there, and keep an ear out, too: others outside your territory may require assistance, so make sure you can come to their aid, if necessary.

District: Bowery

Locations: Knights Dome Sporting Complex, Robbinsville, Cape Carmine, Cherry Hill

Digit: 9

As a part of district renewal, Gotham used public funds to help pay for a new stadium for the Gotham Knights. The promised increase in foot traffic (and tax revenue) never came, as most residents either drove in or used Gotham City Train Station next door as a terminus. Much of the districts of Robbinsvile and Cape Carmine remain rough around the edges and made to look even shabbier considering that, across the water, are the mansions of Gotham’s elite. On a clear day, one can even see Wayne Manor from the tops of the tallest apartment complexes of Cherry Hill.

Bat Faction members whose Bat Cowl Serial Numbers end in 9: know that Batman has designated you to patrol the Bowery. The Knights Dome Sporting Complex falls in your territory, but don’t think you can take in a game: you’ll also need to check out Robbinsville, Cape Carmine, and Cherry Hill. Report all odd or suspicious activity, first and foremost, but be prepared to lend a hand to others outside your sector if they require help.

District: The Underground

Locations: The Subway, Gotham City Under Water Railroad Tubes, hidden tunnels, back alleys

Digit: 0

Gotham’s Underground is poorly mapped. Numerous subway tunnels remain abandoned from when Gotham faced its first economic decline in the Great Depression. The Under Water Railroad Tubes are more recent and thus better marked, but even they have dozens of miles of service corridors and hidden tunnels leftover from when the city was a bootlegging capital. Some of these lead directly to the back alleys and sewer entrances of the city, allowing criminals with knowledge of the Underground to escape after a crime. All those who do not know their way around would do well to avoid it: even well-seasoned travelers of the Underground have gotten lost, kidnapped, or even killed by those who reside “below.”

Bat Faction members whose Bat Cowl Serial Numbers end in 0 will discover that Batman has assigned you to patrol the Underground. This includes the following: Gotham City Under Water Railroad Tubes, any hidden tunnels, all back alleys that lead to the waterways, and especially the Subway (even those elevated segments). Be vigilant as you report all criminal activity you encounter: your fellows both within and outside your district may need your help.

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