DC FanDome 2021, and a roadmap for web3 community building.

Published by Straith Schreder
September 29, 2021
DC FanDome 2021, and a roadmap for web3 community building.
DC FanDome 2021, and a roadmap for web3 community building.

For over 87 years, DC has shaped culture and stoked imagination.  We look up to Superman. We see ourselves in Wonder Woman. And sometimes, like Harley Quinn, we revel in chaos. (^.~)☆  For fans around the world, the DC universe isn’t something that unfolds far, far away. It’s deeply personal.

In many ways, that’s the promise of blockchain-based art. NFTs are built to empower new modes of storytelling, and new means of connection. More than just artworks to behold, NFTs are social objects. They’re engineered to be shared. And they’re designed to give fans a seat at the table. 

This fall, we’re partnering with DC to explore how NFTs can transform and improve access for fan communities. It all starts at DC FanDome. Last year, the digital experience opened up the doors to the DC Universe, generating a massive 22 million global views across 220 countries and territories in a mere 24 hours. In October, DC and Palm NFT Studio will launch a landmark NFT drop that will not only provide fans with the keys to the DC universe, but more importantly: a stake in its future.

With millions of fans expected to tune in, DC FanDome will become the first large-scale virtual event with registration powered by NFTs—and a blueprint for environmentally-friendly ticketing. The Palm network’s green blockchain technology provides a 99.9% reduction in energy usage compared to Proof of Work systems. The carbon footprint of one transaction on the Palm network is equal to sending 3 emails. (Source: Patch; Mike Berners-Lee: How Bad are Bananas? The Carbon Footprint of Everything) At the same time, the network enables DC’s platform to mint millions of NFTs for fans with near zero cost. 

Starting on October 5, fans can collect their free NFT by registering for DC FanDome, with the ability to unlock a second free NFT for sharing on Twitter. The open edition series will feature 5 DC characters and 3 rarity tiers, across iconic comic book covers that span the breadth and diversity of DC’s history, handpicked by DC Publisher and Chief Creative Officer Jim Lee.

Each artwork, awarded at random, comes to life as a surreal memory storage device. The collection contains the breadth of DC comics history; charting the diverse evolution of legendary Super Heroes. Every edition is also hardcoded with the keys to the future. In 2022, DC and Palm NFT Studio have more in store for collectors. Fans who collect a free DC FanDome NFT will have the opportunity to unlock future drops first, and catch a glimpse of the universes  to come.

Since Detective #1, DC has shaped storytelling culture. Today, through sustainable NFT initiatives, they’re allowing fans to do the same: allowing for ownership of archival comic book art, and providing them with a stake in the platform of the future.

Register for DC FanDome, and collect your free NFT on October 5.